been tired.


please! let me sleep.

please! let me sleep.

 I’ve always imagined the sandman to be this chilled out old man, much like a skinnier version of jolly old st. nick. but more spunk. unlike the usual interpretation that people get nowadays of a sandman thats dark…kinda like the crow. 

 it’s been a long day today. early class in the morning at 8AM and then a mad dash to get to work. worked all the way to 9pm at night. got home it’s 10, ate at 10:30pm. then doing some reading and Trying to get some homework done for tomorrow’s class. here i am. tired tired tired.  Much like last year, i’m trying my best to avoid migraines at all cost here, but thats what the meds are for, so maybe i can stay up a little? not going to risk it though. been feeling cranky. need…….sleep.


One Response to “been tired.”

  1. LOL!!! Yuquan!!! I love this one! It’s how I feel right now…

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