a day at the clinic

I went to the clinic today early in the morning thinking it would be quick. Little did i know that i wasn’t the first one there. There were about 9 other people in front of me. I was the youngest one there so it felt like i was in a retirement home. it was no fun.






 The doctor didn’t get in until  45 minutes after the place opened. Everyone in there was cranky. They were all shouting in their mixed dialects of chinese “Is it my turn yet!” and talking amongst each other about how they have other important matters to attend to. 

Luckily I had my Ipod so it helped drown out their nagging and i was sitting in the corner so i had the best view in the house, I just drew everyone. I really have to applaud the clerks that work there. They have to put up with impatient and angry patients every day while still putting on such a friendly and calm composer (sounds all too familiar since i work in retail).

when i got there it was 8:45am. i was done around 12:30pm. Almost 4 hours just for a check up.


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