Haven’t been feeling happy lately. Don’t know what it is, but i’ve been just enveloped with feelings of melancholy for the whole week since the last time i posted. 

Speaking of posting…i haven’t been posting for a week. That’s really bad on my part. i set this blog up so i can make myself post daily and know that i’m progressing in art. It’s pretty obvious that because i haven’t posted, i haven’t progressed. and i think it shows. 

Also, i went to chinatown hoping to look for an easy way to do my children’s book. i bought these 2. my orginal attempt is origami, i then realized this is grass…..shit.

One Response to “random”

  1. aprilcamillebushnell Says:

    your whales make me happy..so dont be sad boo..also u should give that fish head guy a story..he’s an interesting looking character

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