General Guan Yu part 2

i retouched on the photoshop/painter assignment and i gotta say it looks better than the first attempt. i changed the angle of the stance, focused more on the forshortening along with many other minor adjustments. for comparative and convenience of viewing purposes i re-posted the first picture.guan-yu4


guan-yu23might give it one last go, but probably wont get back to it for a very long time. also, i had pretty hard time saving it to view on the web, being that the original is in adobe 1998. The colors came out all bland and almost monotone, but i think i fixed it by saving it in photoshop as “save for web” (a-duh! i’m such an idiot.) and made sure that it was sRGB instead. :p


2 Responses to “General Guan Yu part 2”

  1. That looks amazing! How long did it take you to do something like this?

    And what’s going on with your life? Is it school? 1 month of madness?

    • Thanks! i would say it took me about (on the first night) 1 hour to take pictures of myself in fighting positions, then about 2 hours worth of research for what his clothing and appearances look like, and then 4 hours on that first drawing. on another night to retouch for the second picture, it took about 5 hours.

      my life is very hectic, busy, and would seem very boring to most people. as you said it, it’s the 1 month of madness. Every class is piling up with assignments and they all think you have all the time in the world for spring break so they give you more work to do.

      How about you? what’s going on in your life?

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