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sigma 10-20mm

Posted in photo with tags , , , on May 29, 2009 by yuquan

i got a new lens for my camera today. i’m pretty psyched about it. Unfortunately, today was rainy so i didn’t want to take any outdoor pictures and ruin it. 

check them out. 


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a sketched out day

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2009 by yuquan

i decided to do something different and REALLY push my art stuff. so for that reason, i drew and wrote out my day instead of the usual typing and post a picture or 2. heres how it went:


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animal train

Posted in sketch, WIP with tags , on May 20, 2009 by yuquan

i had a project where we need to draw something that is not of this reality, or maybe something that is to our perception that other people can’t see. Sorta like how the Matrix is, the “real” world and the non real one. its a very open assignment, it can be almost anything. so i did this!

scifi-sketchwhenever i’m sitting on the train and i look at people i always see their features and exaggerate them to the point where i would think if they were reincarnated, this is the animal they would be.

animaltrainthen came the color comp on photoshop to see how well the colors can go with each other. and if you noticed i moved the monkey a bit further back because it fits well where the negative space of the giraffe was. i thought of replacing it with a mouse listening to headphones. 

DSC_3551_001then came the gouache version, i changed my mind on the mouse because it wasnt porportionally correct in size compared to all the others. so i had an alligator instead, i also like the pig in the back, i made him picking his nose because these are all the things i see on the train. it’s still a work in progress though, i’ll come back to it in a few weeks or so.

lemme know what you guys think.

page 28-29 of my book.

Posted in craft, WIP with tags , on May 12, 2009 by yuquan

Here’s one that i’ve been playing around 28-29

After playing around with it a bit, i’m starting to not like the way it’s coming out. A lot of things were compromised from the original, but this will have to do for the end of the semester. i’ll play around with it some more over the summer. To be honest, the only thing i like about it is the guy on the very left. He makes me smile… probably because it’s my own face suffering.

sunset pictures

Posted in Uncategorized on May 12, 2009 by yuquan

I went to jersey with a friend over the weekend and i manage to take some some shots while the sun was setting. For a time of day that doesn’t last very long the colors are just screaming everywhere. It’s so fun to take pictures around this time.

playing with stop motion

Posted in animation, video on May 12, 2009 by yuquan

i went out to take some photos the other day and saw some people playing hacky sack at union square. taking one shot at a time wasn’t fun enough and my camera couldn’t do video so i took shots in burst mode. and then to reduce all the clutter i put it all into a stop motion video using imovie. and this was the result

please don’t think too much of the song, i only put it in because it fits the time frame as a video.

Battle Cry!

Posted in animation, other, Uncategorized with tags , , , on May 2, 2009 by yuquan

I’ve been feeling like a robot lately, so….routined/mechanical/emotion prohibited/mandatory tireless and probably most of all a tool to do the hierarchy’s biding. All the work and assignments that have been accumulated through school and the part time job is taking a toll on me. I feel myself rusting; my eyes move with screeches and about to fall off at any given moment; my mind going into standby mode whenever i sit down on the train. It’s depressing. Hang in there, just one more week and this will be over.

To shake myself free from such a dreary mentality I bought a couple of new art supplies and art books. One of them being Battle Cry! the artwork of Samurai Champloo. I also wanted to get Tekkon Kinkreet but they only had one book left and it was used…and it was 55 bucks! couldn’t afford it.

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