Battle Cry!

I’ve been feeling like a robot lately, so….routined/mechanical/emotion prohibited/mandatory tireless and probably most of all a tool to do the hierarchy’s biding. All the work and assignments that have been accumulated through school and the part time job is taking a toll on me. I feel myself rusting; my eyes move with screeches and about to fall off at any given moment; my mind going into standby mode whenever i sit down on the train. It’s depressing. Hang in there, just one more week and this will be over.

To shake myself free from such a dreary mentality I bought a couple of new art supplies and art books. One of them being Battle Cry! the artwork of Samurai Champloo. I also wanted to get Tekkon Kinkreet but they only had one book left and it was used…and it was 55 bucks! couldn’t afford it.

battle cryanyway, Champloo, the name itself implies a mix mash of different things together. To have the cultures of Hip Hop, Samurais and Animation to be smashed into one is an ingenious idea. It’s really thinking outside the box.

dsc_3200I’ve always loved the Anime. Each episode was done a little differently to give you something to think about much like what they did with Cowboy Bebop.

dsc_3203i can feel my art influences moving in a different direction from what i used to like, and this feeling gets me burning with excitement on the inside. It’s something that brings me back to reality and lets me know that I am NOT a robot.


i’ll be working on something new after this semester’s over. look forward to it!


3 Responses to “Battle Cry!”

  1. wow dude i didnt realize you even had this blog LOL….more pix of samurai champloo!!…or just let me see it next time i see u lol

  2. I love that show fyi and the artbook looks good I’ve always been a fan of Samurai and Cowboy Bebop as well the style is so interesting, as for the Tekkon Kinkreet artbook I also searched for it and finally I got my sister to think about me when she does her next big purchase. Its pretty awesome what I have seen so far.

  3. I feel you. love champloo and black + white is one of my favourite mangas !

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