page 28-29 of my book.

Here’s one that i’ve been playing around 28-29

After playing around with it a bit, i’m starting to not like the way it’s coming out. A lot of things were compromised from the original, but this will have to do for the end of the semester. i’ll play around with it some more over the summer. To be honest, the only thing i like about it is the guy on the very left. He makes me smile… probably because it’s my own face suffering.

2 Responses to “page 28-29 of my book.”

  1. THANKS YU QUAN! You always know how to be helpful!

    Should the men also be casting shadows? Haha at first glance I thought the guy on the left looked like George Bush! xD

  2. That is uber kool dude. i love the expression on the guy on the left too…looks like hes constipated lol

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