a sketched out day

i decided to do something different and REALLY push my art stuff. so for that reason, i drew and wrote out my day instead of the usual typing and post a picture or 2. heres how it went:


i did everything from memory… no reference. and i messed up on the watercolor for the Books of Wonder panel, so this is a google image to make up for it.

base_mediaas for the books these are the ones i got

The Dream Keeper by Robert Ingpen

Blue Willow by Pam Conrad, ill by S. Saelig Gallagher

Frankenstein makes a sandwich, Frankenstein takes the cake, and Pssst! 

all by (my personal favorite) Adam Rex

and last but not least 

Beyond The Great Mountains by Ed Young


And speaking of Ed Young, starting this summer/fall it is with such great honor that he will be my mentor for the semester. This is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I’m very excited and look forward to the challenges and guidance he may give me.


3 Responses to “a sketched out day”

  1. that was actually really fun to read through, even if they’re just sketches, you should definitely make more. YOU MAKE MORE NOW!

  2. joshbedard Says:

    i think number 10 is done where its at

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