sigma 10-20mm

i got a new lens for my camera today. i’m pretty psyched about it. Unfortunately, today was rainy so i didn’t want to take any outdoor pictures and ruin it. 

check them out. 


i’ll also post some here after the jump…

i personally don’t like any of them because the whole day i felt so rushed. Being pushed around in the crowd of ignorant/inconsiderate passerby’s wasn’t fun. At the same time i tried taking pictures without drawing too much attention. so everything was just a quick snapshot. Next time when the weather is nicer and when i don’t have to be in a spot where i’m being knocked around, i’ll take better shots.

city  1052My overall opinion of the camera though is that it’s Amazing. It gives you such a different look from plain sight. I can imagine how much this can help in shots where i HAVE to be the wallpaper. The shot of my art room went pretty well. for such a small room (10ftX10ft  i’m guessing) it captured all three walls where any other camera would’ve only caught 2 walls the most. hahaha, it’s a real fun picture to look at, see if you can i-spy anything interesting in the room. There’s so much junk there from the aftermath of the semester that i didn’t even clean it up yet. feel free to just post it on the comments. i’d love to see what catches your eye.


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