Drawing at the Society

I went to the Society of Illustrators last thursday 06/11/09 and i drew these

to my surprise, one of the models was Jim who sometimes poses for us in FIT. It felt fantastic being able to draw again after so many days and weeks doing just photography. and to top it off i got to draw such great models too, unlike the ones we get in FIT who are usually fat and old most of the time. I also like to add there’s a live jazz band that plays as you draw. This was DEFINITELY very refreshing. i really enjoyed it and hope to go more thursdays to come.

One thing i realized was that i was reminded of how good drawing felt, and how photography can’t compare with it because i am the creator and all the elements are in my hands. I mold the subject the way i want to and i don’t have to complain about how the subject wasn’t in the right position or that if i was getting adequate lighting and color of a photo. i felt every tooth of the paper as i ran the pencil through the page. i have much more control over these elements compared to photography where it only happens instantly and if i miss it, that moment is gone forever.

stay tuned… another journal comic entry is on the way. : D

One Response to “Drawing at the Society”

  1. Christian Says:

    I was at the society on that Tuesday (2 days before you) The drawings look good. Maybe I’ll run into you next time. The society is a good way to get motivated to draw.

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