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I got another art book again! This time it’s the Street Fighter 20th anniversary book.

it includes all of the artists that have worked on street fighter. including the works of Akiman, Nishimura Kinu, Shinkiro, CRMK, Ikeno, Daichan, Edayan and much much more. It’s really great to see and understand the variety that each artist contributes to such a franchise. Definitely one of my favorite artists amongst the many are Akiman, Nisimura kinu and Ikeno.

also i purposely posted the pictures half assed because i have fears of copyright laws that i don’t understand. That and you should go take a look at the book in person anyway! its much better seeing it in person.


water soluble graphite

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it’s just a sketch on a page in a book. it’s got a little of everything. water soluble graphite, brown color pencil, calligraphy pen, water color, pen.

Picture 2

Looky what i found!

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i was cleaning my art room the other day and found this lying around with a bunch of other art stuff from school

DSC_5781It was a photography assignment we had to do 3rd semester i think. it was inspired by David Hockney. Also the room is now back to 50% useable.

a few random photos

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i just wanted to post a couple of photos.

i got to play with the 18 – 200mm lens and it’s fantastic when it comes to objects in the distance.

sketch night 07/02/09

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Here’s some sketches I did at the society last thursday. it took me a while to upload them because there’s so much going on around in my life right now. Despite being so busy, i’m glad i at least took the time to do some uploading on the blog. whenever i post something here it reassures myself that i’m doing something productive. looking back at some older entries and seeing the duration between each one makes me feel a bit pathetic because i’m not maintaining this blog to my original standards. it went from everyday, to every other day, to every week, to every month. but now it’s picking back up to every week again! so i’m happy


I’m slowly acclimating to the new Winsor Newton portable color’s that i got recently,

SOI1i’ll give it another shot or 2 before i stick with my primary watercolor set. in my opinion, tube paints are much better than the ones in blocks. Tube paints are so much more saturated with color and it’s loose so you can pick up more on the brush.

soi3i’ve also been using a brown pencil, it’s pretty refreshing compared to using a plain pencil sometimes.

i still have a couple of things i want to post up. but seeing how my schedule plays out, it might take me another week until it gets posted. stay tune though!! i have something very interesting on the way.

Museum of Chinese in America

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playing around with pens

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I recently got hold of some Sb-1000 pens (the ones james jean uses) thanks to Margaret ( 3

i’ve been playing around with them and i can see the difference it makes compared to regular pens.


and then there was also some gel pens from the same brand… i didn’t like them as much,

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