playing around with pens


I recently got hold of some Sb-1000 pens (the ones james jean uses) thanks to Margaret ( 3

i’ve been playing around with them and i can see the difference it makes compared to regular pens.


and then there was also some gel pens from the same brand… i didn’t like them as much,


3 Responses to “playing around with pens”

  1. Great sketches!

    Did that guy really have a bullet hole in his leg?
    One time I was at the park and there was a guy with blood all over his ruined face. Apparently he got his face kicked in. The police stood around and snickered. I painted him in watercolors.

    • No it wasn’t a bullet hole. It was more of a scrap on the knee. But wow, kicked in the head, I wanna see a picture of it. Link me!

  2. HAHAHA this made me laugh so hard.

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