nothing really worth showing lately. except some sketches. all the school work with the part time job on the side makes it really hard to do anything productive.

seaportthese sketches were done at the south street seaport with some ink. i mainly wanted to just get some solid shapes down,

treehouse1i was sketching at a playground one day while waiting for some friends. it was done in ink and gel pen

treehouse2and then i finished what i wanted it to look like at home.

panel1this was at the show at the society of illustrators with Blue Sky Studios.

panel2and i’m just playing around.

and now just some random ranting. nobody has to read it if they don’t want to, i don’t think it even makes any sense.

Lately I’ve been asked a lot by a lot of professors on what i want to do in the future. the answer to that:

a) I don’t know                                                               reply: that’s not good enough, you need to know otherwise no one will choose you

b) Anything! as long as it gives me a check!         reply: you’re a whore! you’re such a sell out, your not a true illustrator!

c) i want to make stories. stories of any kind, as long as it’s conveyed through whatever method expresses it most effectively.

reply: That’s too broad, you have to narrow down your categories some more!

d) i want to make children’s books and do my own stories     reply: thats great at all, but i think you need to broaden your horizon on what else is out there

e) i want to draw epic paintings of mythology and old folklore     reply:…..

my answer is All of the above really. maybe its because i overcame a wall that grew in the beginning of the summer with getting back to basics. and getting back to basics as gotten me to the unknown, uncertain, freshman mindset. but i loved that mindset. it was like riding on a boat to an unknown dark horizon just to the adventure. its thrilling, its haphazard, its at the whim of the moment. whatever you want to call it, i’m just facing it head first.

i’m a bit frustrated. actually i’m very frustrated. by many things! Most of all right now is my part time job. its really taking a toll on me and making me fall behind on work i need to do. they treat me worst and worst as the days go by, falling into the usual retail pattern of turning from a great company into a corporate tool that focus on money and numbers instead. whenever i’m not in school, no, i don’t do my homework, i have to go straight to work. and then theres some classes. i love them all but sometimes they make me want to rip my hair out because it makes me feel like i don’t have a creative mind to do the assignments. every time i come up with an idea, it’s always “you have to change it” or “that’s not good enough”.  i look at a lot of the professional illustrators out there and some of them seem to be all over the place and get away with it. why can’t i be like that too? why can’t the day be 36 hours long!?


One Response to “sketches”

  1. I love the playground one. And the grayscale thumbs are great compositional studies.

    You should definitely cut down on your hours if it’ll help you more than it harms (since money is always an issue). I wish I could cut down on mine. Retail is quite soul-draining. Or even quit if it possible and better for you.

    I guess what I would tell someone still in school and what I wish I had followed was to just work on all the basic stuff: composition, ideation, drawing, painting, etc. Personally, I think in terms of mood, taste and subject an artist’s tendencies are already there – it’s a matter of making your work marketable. Illustrators like Sam Weber, whose work has strong fantasy elements and a dark tone, has popped up in business editorials, theater posters, book covers, comic covers.

    There are a lot of different markets out there. It’s all dependent on what they’re looking for. Someone looking for a cutesy type illustration for a children’s Birthday card wouldn’t probably be interested in dark, mythic and strongly figurative art. But someone whose work is very bright, colorful and playful – which would be how their work is naturally inclined – could be a candidate for that market, as well as children’s books (of which the styles and tones vary greatly), maybe animation, toy merchandising, gift items, scholastic magazines, educational materials etc.

    I need to work definitely on just improving as an artist and giving tools for that voice, the subjects and moods I am inclined towards, to be expressed. But I think because of all the different markets available nowadays, commercially, like advertisements, fine art galleries, production art, animation, children’s books, toys, comics, self publishing, apparel, editorials, etc. etc. that one is not limited to marketing himself to a specific field, but rather should develop just the artwork and the general voice it tends to take, and research what markets it could apply to.

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