sketchstill drawing. still learning. i’ve been putting more effort into sketches than final work lately. it seems to be more satisfying to me because theres that quick definitive attitude towards doing sketches. you can’t change your mind or revise on a sketch because it’s not meant to be revised. if you try revising it, your original train of thought is lost.  timesqInstead it’s meant to be a footprint of an idea from where you walked previously so you can look back and see what brought you here today skill-wise. just turn around and see those imprints on the dirt floor and you’ll realize your reason and your effort towards your goal.09

i’ve been trying to be more confident with my strokes. and what better training than to do calligraphy and sumi ink. the beauty of this type of art lies in how decisive and how much pressure you put towards a line. once it’s laid down, thats it! what energy! i got a long way to go of course.intrain


3 Responses to “sketches”

  1. I especially love the Times Square one!

  2. Wow!!! i love this entry, great stuff – very inspiring! You’re telling a story through you drawings.

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