colors of fall

I played hooky from work the other day. i really didn’t feel like going. Work depressed the hell out of me so i decided to take my longboard and go out for a little stroll. It’s early November so its pure Autumn weather, i thought it’d be a good idea to try out the hills of central park and at the same time capture some fancy colors from the foliage of the leaves.

DSC_9198this first picture was my first successful attempt at HDR.  i took about 8 pictures with different exposures and put them together because one alone didn’t have all the information the scene was giving. it wasn’t as simple for me to just click AUTOMATE on photoshop and have it do an HDR for me. it doesn’t come out right. so i had to do it manually myself by playing around with each photo on different layers.



this is probably my favorite photo of the whole bunch


DSC_9287belvedere castle DSC_9295also it’s good to do a little photography again. i did way too much in the summer and stopped and went back into sketches. and now it comes the other way around where i need to take a break from drawing and painting. so it’s nice to switch it up after a while.



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