The Legend of White Snake

wowza! who’s the chick yuquan? The chick is Bai SuZhen, the protagonist to the story “The Legend of White Snake”.

TLWS is a famous fictional tale from China about a white snake demon/maiden who falls in love with a human. There has been many interpretations of it and it has been told so much that it has became a classic store. To give you an idea of what the story is about. check out here. It’s missing a lot of the details but it summarizes the story up pretty okay. I wanted to draw her with the umbrella because it was one of the important events that happened in the beginning on their first meeting and i thought if i was to do a drawing with only her in it, there needs to be something to help identify her.

There was a lot of composing going on and overall i really enjoyed drawing it. : )


2 Responses to “The Legend of White Snake”

  1. Hey YuQuan, what was the title and author of that mythology book you brought into class that inspired this assignment?

  2. Omgosh, it’s a lot to ask for but it would be awesome if you drew my portrait one day!

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