no school??? back to photography

Hey listen! i really don’t mean to put it like i like to do photography more on my free time. It just so happen that i get into these stages of progress. i’m going to be going to museums the next week or 2 as much as i can to get some inspiration and some accurate reference materials. these are some of the pictures i took at the Metropolitan Museum.

i went ape shit when i saw this section of the museum. The lighting was different, it made you feel like you were really somewhere else on earth, and the lighting really set a different mood. i’m still going through my chinese cultural phase so this is just reinforcing it so much more. i am so glad i came across this section. Too bad as soon as i got there the security guard said that the museum was closing in 5 minutes.

i will definitely come back again. It was cold that day and i was running around with heavy equipment, not the best factors if you want steady hands.

speaking of photography, my cousin wants me to be the photographer for his wedding in january, so that just means more photography while i’m not in school. But have faith!! there has been some illustrations in the making. hopefully i get to work on it more and post it soon.


One Response to “no school??? back to photography”

  1. Can’t wait to see the photographs of your cousins wedding! =D

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