Painting at the Met

I think i found my all time favorite spot in the Met. It’s the Chinese exhibit that i mentioned from an earlier post. I love this place! its so calm and relaxing. Last week it was so annoying because there was tourist all over the place. “pssh, you’re a new yorker, you should be used to it.” you would say but take a look at this:

I don’t care if you’re a New Yorker or not. It’s just ridiculous to go to a museum with THAT many people. It makes any museum visit less enjoyable.

Well most of the tourist are gone by now so I can actually take a picture without anyone getting in the shot. When I sat down to paint I think a total of 1o people passed by within 45 minutes? Which is pleasant! the whole time i just hear water running in the background, its really serene. So I ended up painting this:

The paintings I’m submitting for the Society of Illustrators is due this monday so after monday i should have something up of what i did.


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