Lion Dance

so there’s this one picture that i’ve been wanting to do since December. and after finally figuring out all the angles and references i finally did it. here it is:

I’m quite happy with it. I’m submitting it to the 3×3 magazine student competition, Illustration house, and Senior Show competition. Let’s see if it gets anywhere.


One Response to “Lion Dance”

  1. Yuquan, I actually really like this piece. It’s like we’ve been told over and over, sometimes you gotta keep knocking until someone opens the door. All these competitions, shows, whatever, are all based on artistic opinion– it’s a taste thing…others are just rigged and go on politics and who’s friends with who– but I won’t go on about that on your page. Anyway, keep it up, do more of this stuff! I also like that page with the asian themed rooftops from the MET. Gimme “más”!

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