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drink and draw

Posted in finished., journal, sketch with tags , , on April 28, 2010 by yuquan

silly me. i was going through the oodles of sketchbooks that i have to work up on some sketches for homework and i found some drawings i did for Drink and Draw event at that i never posted.

3 minutes pose

5 minute pose

10 minute pose watercolor only

20 minute pose watercolor+pencil

The Drink and Draw event was fun. I didn’t go overboard on the drinking though. i wonder how my drawings would look if i really pushed myself a little more. Anyone want to join me next time?

i knew i was somewhat productive, but not having anything to show for it made me feel empty. Looking back at all my sketchbooks proves me wrong at times. They may not be finished pieces, but there’s so much rich information in there that i knew if i didn’t jot it down at the time, i would have forgotten it all together on what could have been an amazing future piece. you can say they are the keys to my mind.

speaking of sketchbooks. i made one recently! more to come about that on the next entry to come.


Illustration Futuro

Posted in finished., journal, photo with tags , , on April 26, 2010 by yuquan

Illustration Futuro was a success!

thank you illustration house for giving us this opportunity to showcase our artwork in your space

Thank you everyone who allocated their time and effort in putting this event together.

Last but not least I really want to thank everyone who came out and showed their support. It’s that energy, enthusiasm and belief in us artists that keeps us going and wanting to do more. it was pretty much a fire hazard at certain points of the night and I love it!

for more pictures please visit my flickr page

Drawathon 2010

Posted in journal, sketch with tags , , , on April 12, 2010 by yuquan

On friday, i went to the Drawathon at Pratt for the first time. It was such a fantastic night. i had lots of fun and i hope to do it again next semester. There was lots of rooms to sketch in and i took the opportunity to work on real life digital sketching.

i’m pretty sure i was the only person who was crazy enough to bring a computer and tablet to draw on the premises. i didn’t see anyone else doing it.

1 hour sketch

i have to say it went well. I want to do more of this kind of stuff in the future.

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