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w27 newspaper

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the official FIT school newspaper…and my picture is on the cover.

also giving credit, the picture on the back belongs to one Christian Castro. check out his artwork as well. good stuff.

updating from my last post, they wanted the picture without the text so they can put their own in. which was fine. Having my picture on their cover for their last and biggest issue of the semester was good enough for me : ).

more to come within the next week.



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i was giving the assignment 24 hours ago to do the news cover for the school newspaper. the topic was about graduating. So i came up with these thumbnails:

after asking a few people, like myself they all liked the upper right hand corner one. so i worked that up to a better level.

knowing myself, i never feel satisfied with my own work. i always think that it can be better. but being that it’s due on such a short deadline, this will have to do. i”ll finish it later.

there’s about a week left of school. which means a week from now, we will be taking off those training wheels on our bikes called the real world. It’s a mixed of emotions much like a good stew. There’s bunch of ingredients:

-relief that school’s over
-anxiety that we won’t make it in this world
-excited to try our own methods/ approach to art.
-Bitter about our regrets of what we never got to do or should have done instead.
-nostalgic of all the fun, stupid, retarded, sad, stressful times school can be.
-Salty for those times where we had to dive head first and get dirty.
-hyped to get out there and start our professional lives,

wow. ‘Professional’. that word really gets my heart racing.
we’ll made it for now, but it’s only a plateau till we hit the next climb of this higher mountain of life.

we will make something of ourselves. you just watch world… cuz here we come!

real quick sketch

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i finished my oil painting early in class today and i wanted to make full use of the model so i pulled out my computer and sketched this in the last 30 minutes of the class.

i was surprised i got so much information in.

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