i was giving the assignment 24 hours ago to do the news cover for the school newspaper. the topic was about graduating. So i came up with these thumbnails:

after asking a few people, like myself they all liked the upper right hand corner one. so i worked that up to a better level.

knowing myself, i never feel satisfied with my own work. i always think that it can be better. but being that it’s due on such a short deadline, this will have to do. i”ll finish it later.

there’s about a week left of school. which means a week from now, we will be taking off those training wheels on our bikes called the real world. It’s a mixed of emotions much like a good stew. There’s bunch of ingredients:

-relief that school’s over
-anxiety that we won’t make it in this world
-excited to try our own methods/ approach to art.
-Bitter about our regrets of what we never got to do or should have done instead.
-nostalgic of all the fun, stupid, retarded, sad, stressful times school can be.
-Salty for those times where we had to dive head first and get dirty.
-hyped to get out there and start our professional lives,

wow. ‘Professional’. that word really gets my heart racing.
we’ll made it for now, but it’s only a plateau till we hit the next climb of this higher mountain of life.

we will make something of ourselves. you just watch world… cuz here we come!


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