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Sketch night 10/26/10

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I went to the sketch night at the Society of Illustrators this tuesday. I’ve been playing around with my speed while using watercolor. i wanted to see how fast i can paint…

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i skip the process of drawing the outline with the pencil completely and just trusted my instinct on where everything should be. Being that i see objects more in shapes than in lines anyway, it was easier and faster.

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there were a couple of poses where the model wasn’t well lit from my angle, so instead i did a pencil sketch instead.

(on a note to self: I am always appreciative of the amount of options of customization I can have with wordpress that tumblr can’t do. One of the reasons why I’m glad i haven’t gotten rid of this blog)


ICON fall 2010 magazine

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2 of my pieces got published in the fall 2010 edition of ICON magazine.

credit for magazine cover goes to my friend and colleague George Huang, where you can see more of his work @

credit: (from left to right) top:Kara Zisa, Jaclyn Schauer, YuQuan Tan. Bottom:Xiao hong lin, Chase Stone, Angela Rizza

Also including (from left to right) Luba Grossman, David Depasquale, YuQuan Tan, and David Gonzalez


The images came out pretty good. It’s such a great feeling seeing your own work on published material.

for more of ICON magazine’s work please visit :

i have tumblr now

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Hi everyone! i have a new blog site that i’m going to be more actively posting in for the sake of branching out and reaching a wider audience. the link is:

Thank you ALL for occasionally coming back to this blog to check up on my posts. It really means a lot to me that you come check every so often. I really, Really, REALLY appreciate it. Realizing how i have hits everyday even though i don’t post for long durations of a time makes me feel happy that you care and at the same time angry at myself for not giving more. I won’t be closing this blog. There’s still such a charm to wordpress that tumblr can’t replace. From now on, i will be posting at least once a week. we can make this work.

If it’s not too much to ask, i would like you guys to jot down my tumblr site and follow me there as well. RSS feed would probably be the easiest. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!

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