Sketch night 10/26/10

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I went to the sketch night at the Society of Illustrators this tuesday. I’ve been playing around with my speed while using watercolor. i wanted to see how fast i can paint…

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i skip the process of drawing the outline with the pencil completely and just trusted my instinct on where everything should be. Being that i see objects more in shapes than in lines anyway, it was easier and faster.

©all rights reserved

there were a couple of poses where the model wasn’t well lit from my angle, so instead i did a pencil sketch instead.

(on a note to self: I am always appreciative of the amount of options of customization I can have with wordpress that tumblr can’t do. One of the reasons why I’m glad i haven’t gotten rid of this blog)


One Response to “Sketch night 10/26/10”

  1. Heyo. Nice watercolor treatment. i think if you go even simpler it’d bring out more of the form. The areas that are made of just shapes are nice. but when you get to the lines you lose some of the soft feeling of the flesh. ^^ aside from that very nice.

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