water competition

i made some thumbnails for a competition called “water is life”

the premise behind it is that water is precious especailly towards the future generations. I need some critique so please shoot some comments at the bottom of the post. thanks everybody!!!


4 Responses to “water competition”

  1. I feel you gotta play with the perspective a bit on these. Aside from perspective they feel a bit cliche. I feel that if you exaggerate the need for water a bit more the illustration would be more powerful.

  2. Hey Yuquan, the thumbnails look good! In terms of ideas I am liking the two on the far left. They aren’t as literal as the others and look the most like potential posters. I can especially see the text being in the bottom of the woman who’s face is underwater.

  3. Alex Stone Says:

    I think face in the water gets my vote too.

  4. I think your compositions need some work. Also I feel for a contest like this, they always go for the most indirect concept, so maybe you shouldn’t be so blunt about the water idea.

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