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I make sketchbooks.

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Carrying a sketchbook with me is a great way to jot down ideas for use later on. The only problem is there’s not many out there  that are to my liking without paying a hefty price for it.
When I’m almost finish with a sketchbook, I tend to make them instead nowadays.

A) It’s cheaper than buying pre-made.

B) I get full control on materials I like.

C) I get to make it in arbitrary sizes that they might not carry in stores.



Water is Life & Happy New Year

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I was pulling an all nighter since 12/30/10 working on the Water is Life competition. For 48 hours of no sleep it consisted of drawing at home, going to work, drawing during my lunch breaks, drawing AT work after my shift was over and sadly even drawing at my friend’s new years eve party.

So 9pm rolls around and I was finally content enough to send my work off to their website. I was looking on their website for the submission link. let’s see, submission link, submission link…wait, where’s the submission link? I started getting frantic. I just wanted to send it through and get it over with now it’s not letting me. So after carefully looking through the whole website this one part said:

Your poster(s) must be digitally uploaded by midnight (24:00) on 31 December 2010. Entries will then be closed.

When I read that the first time in the beginning of the month I said to myself “oh Dec 31…midnight…new years! got it, I can have it done by then” Now I’m reading that line over and over saying to myself “what the F do they mean?!?!” and it dawned on me. What they meant by it was tick tock tick tock 11:59pm 12/30 tick tock tick tock 12:00am 12/31 DING DING DING!!! time’s up you lose, Sucker!

I usually refrain from using profanity on my blog so that it’s suited for all viewers. young ones please cover your EARS,

FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! I was late by 24 hours! why the hell do they have to phrase it that way?!?! Now I can understand and truly appreciate when people give assignments and they write: Due 11:59pm mm/dd. using 12:oo/2400 can really confuse a lot of people. Now I felt like I did all that work for nothing.

So for the rest of the night I unwined at my friend’s NYE party drinking 2010 away. go away 2010. I’m done with you!

For those who are curious on how the pictures came out. Here they are:


Enjoy, Happy New Year, and let me know what you truly think of it. thanks


Against All Odds

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A while back in mid October, there was a film competition called The Brooklyn Film Race. It challenged local filmmakers to create original films in just 24 hours based on the following assignment:   THEME:  Exaggeration   SURPRISE ELEMENT:  Pizza

This was what we did:

Against All Odds from Geoff Skinnell on Vimeo.

After the film was submitted, it was then shown at a screening the next week. We got 2nd place for our time slots (woohoo!) which then proceeded to the “Best of” screening and Award ceremony tonight.

film race

We got 3 awards and I am very proud of our team for getting so far in the competition. I had a lot of fun doing it. We were all sleep deprived but it was all worth it at the end.

Sketch night 10/26/10

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©All Rights Reserved

I went to the sketch night at the Society of Illustrators this tuesday. I’ve been playing around with my speed while using watercolor. i wanted to see how fast i can paint…

©All Rights Reserved

i skip the process of drawing the outline with the pencil completely and just trusted my instinct on where everything should be. Being that i see objects more in shapes than in lines anyway, it was easier and faster.

©all rights reserved

there were a couple of poses where the model wasn’t well lit from my angle, so instead i did a pencil sketch instead.

(on a note to self: I am always appreciative of the amount of options of customization I can have with wordpress that tumblr can’t do. One of the reasons why I’m glad i haven’t gotten rid of this blog)

ICON fall 2010 magazine

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2 of my pieces got published in the fall 2010 edition of ICON magazine.

credit for magazine cover goes to my friend and colleague George Huang, where you can see more of his work @

credit: (from left to right) top:Kara Zisa, Jaclyn Schauer, YuQuan Tan. Bottom:Xiao hong lin, Chase Stone, Angela Rizza

Also including (from left to right) Luba Grossman, David Depasquale, YuQuan Tan, and David Gonzalez


The images came out pretty good. It’s such a great feeling seeing your own work on published material.

for more of ICON magazine’s work please visit :


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i recently touched back into watercolors. it seems like doing portraits is the easiest way for me to get back into the medium. Here is a painting i did of my friend Justine : )

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