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Lion Dance

Posted in finished. with tags , , , on March 30, 2010 by yuquan

so there’s this one picture that i’ve been wanting to do since December. and after finally figuring out all the angles and references i finally did it. here it is:

I’m quite happy with it. I’m submitting it to the 3×3 magazine student competition, Illustration house, and Senior Show competition. Let’s see if it gets anywhere.


‘how i got my first job’ lecture

Posted in finished., journal, sketch with tags , , on March 25, 2010 by yuquan

Sorry good ol’ blog of mine, its been a while since i last updated and i feel like i’m just full of cob webs and mold.

but here’s what i’ve been doing. i went to the lecture in FIT today about “how i got my first job” with really awesome insight from people like Yuko Shimizu, Marcos Chin, Fred Harper, Zina Saunders, and Fernanda Cohen.

The room was crazy packed. Thank you to whoever set up the event. it was great. just wished it was in a bigger space like the amphitheater. Many people had to stand when there weren’t any seats left. I felt bad for the people who had to stand. As you can see, there were so many people that i didn’t even bother looking too hard to where the speakers were. I took this opportunity to work up on digital live sketch which i don’t get to do very often and yup! just as fun as the last time i did it!

3×3, illustration house and Senior Show entrees are all due soon! i’ve been working hard so after this long stretch, there will be oodles of more stuff here. coming soon! promise.

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