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wasn’t so bad of a day

Posted in animation, journal, sketch with tags , , , , on January 21, 2010 by yuquan

I thought i was going to have a horrible day today. I had to run around all over the place, get my speech for tonight done, then prepare for tomorrows speech and cancel on the Bill Plympton event at the Society of Illustrators.

But reviewing it, it wasn’t a bad day at all. I got my watch fixed, I got to ride my longboard all over the place, I ate some good Congee, i finished my speech and prepared a keynote for it and then my classmate tells me our professor isn’t feeling so well and that class is cancelled. With much excitement I rushed over to the Society and GaBam!! I got an autographed sketch from Bill Plympton himself. It was awesome.

The Show was fantastic, I learned a little of how he does his drawings and his short animations were all so hilarious to watch. I especially liked Fascist Santa, that got me cracking up so hard. and he drew me a sketch of that too!

I even managed to get myself to sketch on the train ride home which rarely happens anymore because I’m usually so tired. The whole night ended on a good note. : )


playing with stop motion

Posted in animation, video on May 12, 2009 by yuquan

i went out to take some photos the other day and saw some people playing hacky sack at union square. taking one shot at a time wasn’t fun enough and my camera couldn’t do video so i took shots in burst mode. and then to reduce all the clutter i put it all into a stop motion video using imovie. and this was the result

please don’t think too much of the song, i only put it in because it fits the time frame as a video.

Battle Cry!

Posted in animation, other, Uncategorized with tags , , , on May 2, 2009 by yuquan

I’ve been feeling like a robot lately, so….routined/mechanical/emotion prohibited/mandatory tireless and probably most of all a tool to do the hierarchy’s biding. All the work and assignments that have been accumulated through school and the part time job is taking a toll on me. I feel myself rusting; my eyes move with screeches and about to fall off at any given moment; my mind going into standby mode whenever i sit down on the train. It’s depressing. Hang in there, just one more week and this will be over.

To shake myself free from such a dreary mentality I bought a couple of new art supplies and art books. One of them being Battle Cry! the artwork of Samurai Champloo. I also wanted to get Tekkon Kinkreet but they only had one book left and it was used…and it was 55 bucks! couldn’t afford it.

battle cryanyway, Champloo, Continue reading

testing GIF.

Posted in animation with tags , , on March 7, 2009 by yuquan

this is just me testing a GIF file i did a couple years ago.


i'm melting to the bone@

so apparently on the regular post it does nothing…until you click on it and let it load. i’ll work on it. does anyone know how i can make the animation move without clicking on it?

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