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Illustration Futuro

Posted in finished., journal, photo with tags , , on April 26, 2010 by yuquan

Illustration Futuro was a success!

thank you illustration house for giving us this opportunity to showcase our artwork in your space

Thank you everyone who allocated their time and effort in putting this event together.

Last but not least I really want to thank everyone who came out and showed their support. It’s that energy, enthusiasm and belief in us artists that keeps us going and wanting to do more. it was pretty much a fire hazard at certain points of the night and I love it!

for more pictures please visit my flickr page


no school??? back to photography

Posted in journal, photo with tags , , on December 25, 2009 by yuquan

Hey listen! i really don’t mean to put it like i like to do photography more on my free time. It just so happen that i get into these stages of progress. i’m going to be going to museums the next week or 2 as much as i can to get some inspiration and some accurate reference materials. these are some of the pictures i took at the Metropolitan Museum.

i went ape shit when i saw this section of the museum. The lighting was different, it made you feel like you were really somewhere else on earth, and the lighting really set a different mood. i’m still going through my chinese cultural phase so this is just reinforcing it so much more. i am so glad i came across this section. Too bad as soon as i got there the security guard said that the museum was closing in 5 minutes.

i will definitely come back again. It was cold that day and i was running around with heavy equipment, not the best factors if you want steady hands.

speaking of photography, my cousin wants me to be the photographer for his wedding in january, so that just means more photography while i’m not in school. But have faith!! there has been some illustrations in the making. hopefully i get to work on it more and post it soon.

colors of fall

Posted in finished., journal, photo with tags , , , , on November 10, 2009 by yuquan

I played hooky from work the other day. i really didn’t feel like going. Work depressed the hell out of me so i decided to take my longboard and go out for a little stroll. It’s early November so its pure Autumn weather, i thought it’d be a good idea to try out the hills of central park and at the same time capture some fancy colors from the foliage of the leaves.

DSC_9198this first picture was my first successful attempt at HDR.  i took about 8 pictures with different exposures and put them together because one alone didn’t have all the information the scene was giving. it wasn’t as simple for me to just click AUTOMATE on photoshop and have it do an HDR for me. it doesn’t come out right. so i had to do it manually myself by playing around with each photo on different layers.



this is probably my favorite photo of the whole bunch


DSC_9287belvedere castle DSC_9295also it’s good to do a little photography again. i did way too much in the summer and stopped and went back into sketches. and now it comes the other way around where i need to take a break from drawing and painting. so it’s nice to switch it up after a while.



Posted in journal, other, photo with tags , , on July 23, 2009 by yuquan

I got another art book again! This time it’s the Street Fighter 20th anniversary book.

it includes all of the artists that have worked on street fighter. including the works of Akiman, Nishimura Kinu, Shinkiro, CRMK, Ikeno, Daichan, Edayan and much much more. It’s really great to see and understand the variety that each artist contributes to such a franchise. Definitely one of my favorite artists amongst the many are Akiman, Nisimura kinu and Ikeno.

also i purposely posted the pictures half assed because i have fears of copyright laws that i don’t understand. That and you should go take a look at the book in person anyway! its much better seeing it in person.

Looky what i found!

Posted in craft, photo with tags , on July 16, 2009 by yuquan

i was cleaning my art room the other day and found this lying around with a bunch of other art stuff from school

DSC_5781It was a photography assignment we had to do 3rd semester i think. it was inspired by David Hockney. Also the room is now back to 50% useable.

a few random photos

Posted in photo with tags on July 10, 2009 by yuquan

i just wanted to post a couple of photos.

i got to play with the 18 – 200mm lens and it’s fantastic when it comes to objects in the distance.

Drawing at the Society

Posted in photo, sketch with tags , , on June 19, 2009 by yuquan

I went to the Society of Illustrators last thursday 06/11/09 and i drew these

to my surprise, one of the models was Jim who sometimes poses for us in FIT. It felt fantastic being able to draw again after so many days and weeks doing just photography. and to top it off i got to draw such great models too, unlike the ones we get in FIT who are usually fat and old most of the time. I also like to add there’s a live jazz band that plays as you draw. This was DEFINITELY very refreshing. i really enjoyed it and hope to go more thursdays to come.

One thing i realized was that i was reminded of how good drawing felt, and how photography can’t compare with it because i am the creator and all the elements are in my hands. I mold the subject the way i want to and i don’t have to complain about how the subject wasn’t in the right position or that if i was getting adequate lighting and color of a photo. i felt every tooth of the paper as i ran the pencil through the page. i have much more control over these elements compared to photography where it only happens instantly and if i miss it, that moment is gone forever.

stay tuned… another journal comic entry is on the way. : D

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