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pages from my sketchbook project

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I make sketchbooks.

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Carrying a sketchbook with me is a great way to jot down ideas for use later on. The only problem is there’s not many out there  that are to my liking without paying a hefty price for it.
When I’m almost finish with a sketchbook, I tend to make them instead nowadays.

A) It’s cheaper than buying pre-made.

B) I get full control on materials I like.

C) I get to make it in arbitrary sizes that they might not carry in stores.


sneak peek

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working on something new


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Fear is a useful tool. It allows us to know where our own personal limit is and keeps us safe. And it’s WHEN we know where our limits are, we can grow from there.

Destroy Your Loved Ones

After graduating back in May 2010, I never realized how sheltered I was. School made it such a safe haven that we were all impervious to true failure in life. Everything we’ve done in school was “play time” and nothing was serious. Once it’s time to fly the coop, It hit me so hard that it’s difficult to find an illustration job out there. Interning at the Society of Illustrators made it even worst. It was like rubbing salt into an open womb looking at people my age and even younger made it to the world I want to be in while I was doing coat checks and serving them Hor’ Derves. I couldn’t bear with it and I ran. I ran out of fear. Fear of failure, fear that I won’t make it. That I am the table legs supporting up everyone else’s indulgent.


But sometimes you have to let go of your safety, or you will never explore new boundaries. It goes the same for an important rule I learned back in school: “Destroy your loved ones” – If you’re drawing something and you really fell in love with the head but the rest of the painting doesn’t fit, don’t try to hold onto that one little part that’s dear. Be able to completely erase it and draw it where it makes sense. the overall outcome will look so much better than a piece of candy sitting on top of a pile of shit.


After a year of running away and not posting anything. I think I’ve had enough, It’s time to turn around and face my fears. I can’t do this to my loyal followers who check back every so often this past year. seeing that there’s still views makes me so happy and sad that I haven’t represented myself the way I should. I’m better now. Lets move forward

Sketch night 10/26/10

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I went to the sketch night at the Society of Illustrators this tuesday. I’ve been playing around with my speed while using watercolor. i wanted to see how fast i can paint…

©All Rights Reserved

i skip the process of drawing the outline with the pencil completely and just trusted my instinct on where everything should be. Being that i see objects more in shapes than in lines anyway, it was easier and faster.

©all rights reserved

there were a couple of poses where the model wasn’t well lit from my angle, so instead i did a pencil sketch instead.

(on a note to self: I am always appreciative of the amount of options of customization I can have with wordpress that tumblr can’t do. One of the reasons why I’m glad i haven’t gotten rid of this blog)


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i recently touched back into watercolors. it seems like doing portraits is the easiest way for me to get back into the medium. Here is a painting i did of my friend Justine : )

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